Food Colors

Diana food(symrise)

The demand for natural colors in the food and beverage market continues to grow. As part of this trend, coloring foods are cleaner alternatives for color and are becoming increasingly important. Consumer demand in terms of transparency, naturalness, and trustworthiness is on the rise. Many consumers are looking for shorter labels, featuring simple, yet familiar ingredients. Coloring foods can answer this demand while providing an effective color solution. What are Colouring foods? They can be defined as food ingredients derived from fruits, vegetables or edible plants that go through a minimal physical process, in which coloring substances are not selectively extracted.

  • Purple sweet potato Red cabbage red beet
  • Purple carrot Blackcurrant
  • Grape skin
  • carmine Red reddish
  • Elderberry
  • Hibiscus
  • Red beet
  • Red bell pepper
  • Orange carrot
  • Paprika Annatto
  • Safflower curcumin Lutein Chlrophyllin blends
  • Splrullna
  • caramel malt
  • Carbon black

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